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Community Commitment

Sally Takeda and Kerri Speck are dedicated to helping children and families in your community.

That’s why they give a portion of their gross commissions to nonprofit and civic organizations who make a difference in local communities. 

Sally and Kerri will donate a portion of their gross commission on each transaction to local charities.  This can mean thousands of dollars to a non-profit organization with just a few referrals.  By making these donations, Sally and Kerri give more to local communities than many other businesses! 

Recent donations include the South Pasadena Educational Foundation, Cottage Cooperative Nursery School, California Chicano News Media Association at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism, Pacific Oaks Children’s School and Monterey Hills Elementary School.

So if you know someone who is thinking of selling or buying a home, you can support your organization by referring them to Sally and Kerri at

To find out more about Showcase Homes Realty & Investments’ Community First Giving Program, contact Sally at or directly at 626-786-8088.


Signature Residential Brokerage
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Kerri: (310)628-9310 • Sally: (626)786-8088
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